The Travel Tailorist | Exclusivamente Italia
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The best of Italy, the most refined and sophisticated spots for connoisseurs. This is where you can find all the know-how that I’ve accumulated in a lifetime of travels, as a correspondent and someone in love with their country, to create the itinerary or stay that’s perfectly suited to you. There’s no point asking for the “Italian Catalogue”, because there isn’t one. At the root of every journey there’s an emotional impulse, the will to satisfy a desire and pursue your passions: admire a city of art, or even just a single masterpiece, savour Italy’s culture through local dishes and wines, immerge yourself in the atmosphere of a traditional festival ora a memorable event, explore places that you’ve always dreamt of. And why not, go back home with the desired objects, clothes or jewels, perhaps even designed especially for you. Or encounter personalities and leading figures from the world of Italian design and craftmanship. A departure offers the chance to live a unique experience suited to your tastes, habits and rhythms.


Discover the pleasure of being taken for an engaging and thrilling drive along unexplored roads, also thanks to outstanding guides an maybe with a personalised coup de théâtre. The mission of The Travel Tailorist is to exceed the expectations of the most demanding travellers.


Exclusivamente Italia is conceived for:

  • Hotel or other structures wishing to offer tailor-made travel design services
  • Travel Agencies and Tour Operator with high-end proposals in Italy
  • Independent travellers requiring made-to-measure itineraries