The Travel Tailorist | Exclusivamente hospitality
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B&Bs, agri-tourism, inns and relais, relais gourmands, maisons de charme, historical residences, hotels, “virtual” hotels, design hotels, boutique hotels, resort, private island resorts, bio resorts, spa&golf destinations…


Over the last 20 years, hospitality and catering have undergone endless transformations, and they have seen the emergence of new categories and brands, along with new market sectors.


From 2000 to today I have visited hundreds of hotels and restaurants, and I’ve frequented thousands of places offering one form of hospitality or another.

Of course, I was fulfilling my duty as a travel-magazine correspondent and an author of monographic or specialist guides. But I was also doing it out of passion. When I see a place’s sign, if there’s something that seems even vaguely interesting or curious… I go inside. I wander around and observe. (And I criticise). I think about what type of person that place would be suited to. And I choose. With this kind of expertise, it was an almost natural progression for me to evolve towards consultancy in the hospitality industry. But this evolution was also and above all intuitive for those who have invested time and money in a hotel or restaurant, or who live and work there day by day. For these kinds of professionals, an attentive eye to detail – combined with the “transversal” vision of an expert in hospitality and communication – provides an invaluable asset in order to fine-tune and hoptimise their “machine”.

This is my range of action in the world of Hospitality Quality Service:

  • mystery guests
  • pricing analysis
  • image management
  • press-release drafting
  • assessment of standards in the relevant categories