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From journalist to Travel Designer

The creation of a reportage starts long before the departure, with a study of the destinations to visit, the distances between them, the people to meet and places to try out… Once on the spot, it’s just a question of appreciating the result of all the hard work. Of my over 200 journeys as a correspondent, there isn’t a single itinerary that I haven’t planned personally in every detail. Many factors contribute to designing a trip to remember, or a trip to forget, and these aspects have to be tailored to the client’s individual tastes, passions and requirements. This is why all of my choices are guided by the journalistic principle of the Five Ws:
Where, When, Who, What, Why.

This imprinting is the starting point for the creation of my made-to-measure voyages. With the same philosophy and “scientific” approach, together with my desire to conceive something special and tailor-made to satisfy the demands of individual travellers, I am engaged in the production of:


  • Made-to-measure travel catalogues or collections for Tour Operators or sector specialists, on overseas destinations and particularly on Italy
  • Itineraries and tours to promote and develop local areas, on commission of hotels or tourist organisations
  • team building for companies
  • tailor-made itineraries for individual travellers, on the request of operators with whom I regularly work