The Travel Tailorist | Consult
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My experience at your service

The words and eyes of a correspondent at the service of a communication project. Whether it’s a destination, a company or a product, a fashion house or a wine brand, my mission is to create a unique concept, with a distinctive character that reaches the target audience. The photographic exhibition titled Discover the other ITALY, provides a fine example of how I work. This highly articulated project featured many unique aspects while remaining easily accessible and discenible to its viewers. The exhibition obtained backing from Expo 2015, the Italian Government Tourist Board and Italy’s FAI National Trust organization, as well as support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which exported the show to China, Canada and the UAE


For you and your communication project, I can offer:

  • Publishing plans and contents for magazines, company catalogues and books
  • Publishing plans and contents for websites
  • Texts and photos for press release
  • Texts and photos features for brochures


However, my distinguishing mark is my expertise in the hôtellerie and haute cuisine sectors. Thirteen years spent compiling the Hot & Gold Lists for CN Traveller, as well as various guides on the theme of luxury hospitality, have taught me to assess every aspect of a restaurant or hotel structure, evaluating its services, staff, critical points and potential. This sparked the idea to dedicate special attention to what is effectively my “core business”…